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In Memory

Kathy Blackhurst (Felps)

Kathy Blackhurst (Felps)

February 18, 1945 ~ March 11, 2001

Kathy was born in Philadelphia, PA, to Homer and Stella Hart Blackhurst.  She attended Texas Tech University before graduating from TAMU in 1967.  She married Dale Felps and they had three children.  She taught school in Bryan, Austin, and Athens before moving to Boerne in 1986.  In Boerne, Kathy served as a high school counselor and Director of the Foreign Exchange Students for eight years. 

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05/26/11 11:07 AM #1    

Claudia Humphries (Jones)

Kathy and I were friends all our lives. Our mothers were also childhood friends since they both grew up in Bryan. I have baby pictures of Kathy and she always had on a bonnet. She was bald until she was two years old.

When I spent the day with Kathy I always dreaded mealtime. It wasn't that the food was not delicious, Stella was a wonderful cook; however, I was a very picky eater and was allowed to get away with eating only meat and "red" beans at home. At Kathy's it was a different story. Her father insisted that you try everything offered at the meal. He was very scary so I always took a bite. Now, I am an adventurous eater and love vegetables. I give Homer credit for my appreciation of many different types of food and have tried to follow his example with my children and grandchildren.

Kathy enjoyed coming to the country and doing country things like riding horses; feeding calves, lambs and fawns with a bottle; and going coon hunting with daddy. I looked forward to visiting her in town because we played "kick the can" with the neighbors such as Mike Ritchey and Ralph Young. I'm sure it didn't hurt that they were so cute. 

Kathy and I both enjoyed reading, sewing and were always ready to try the newest craft idea. As we grew older and lived in different cities, we exchanged books regularly and called each other with craft ideas. When we had a chance to visit, we always packed several "projects" to take along either to show or to complete. I know how lost I felt as Kathy's eyesight deteriorated, I can only imagine how she must have felt. Yet, I never heard her complain nor did she give up. The last time I visited her at home she cooked an entire meal mainly by "feel."

Kathy was my best friend. We knew each other's strengths and weaknesses, dreams and fears. I wish she were here to work on this project. We would have so much fun. I miss her every day! 

05/26/11 05:56 PM #2    

Keith German (Halsell)

Kathy was such a wonderful friend.  We shared many fun times during high school, college and afterwards.  Kathy was a bridesmaid in my wedding and she was the Godmother of my son.  I wish she could be with us as we plan our reunion.  She will always be missed.

07/02/11 05:29 AM #3    

Charlotte Cole (Wilson)

Kathy was probably one of the sweetest girls in our class.  She was always willing to help with whatever project  needed doing and had a tremendous peace about her.  I enjoyed our times together.  Of course, what was really a lot of fun was to go over to her house and then call Ritchey and get him to come out in his yard, then call Ralph, David Segrest and Dave Mayfield, all close neighbors.  Then we would play in that extra field between Ralph's and Mike's.  My favorite was rolling around in the circle thing.  I couldn't do a cartwheel, but I sure could in that ring thing.  Whenever Mike got some new "toy", Kathy would call and tell me about it and then I'd come to her house and we would bravely walk across the street to "play". Sometimes Mike was home and sometimes he wasn't.   So Mike, you may not know this unless you are reading these remarks, but Kathy spied on you a lot and kept all of us girls very "informed".

I have always regretted that I didn't know Kathy was so sick and I didn't look up her whereabouts to go visit her.  I had no idea that she had lost her vision and was seriously ill.  I'm so sorry that we didn't get a chance to chit chat.  Maybe someday I can meet her children and tell them what a neat person their mom was. 

Charlotte Cole Wilson

07/03/11 08:50 PM #4    

Karen Geppert (Miller)

Kathy was one of the first friends I met when I started public school in the 9th grade.  What a Blessing she was to me always.  In high school, I loved the long bike rides.  Have bike, could travel.  One time several of us rode all the way to Claudia's home.  That was quite a ride with the old bikes. 

Kathy and I went to Texas Tech together.  We picked Tech because neither of us had ever been to West Texas and we heard your hair did well in that dry weather.  In the middle of our sophomore year, Kathy had to transfer to A&M as girls were permitted to attend A&M that year if their father was a professor at A&M.  In my senior year, Kathy was dating Dale and they arranged a blind date for Harvey and I.  After a year, Kathy, Dale and I moved to Dallas and Harvey moved to Commerce.  Kathy and I had an apartment in Dallas and we really had a good year.  Harvey came to Dallas every weekend and the four of us spent all our time together.  My roommate from college was also in Dallas and dating her boyfriend from Texas Tech.  All three couples decided to get married and we all married within a month of each other.

At Kathy's funeral, one of her good friends was talking about how nice Kathy was and made a comment that even if someone was not kind, Kathy never hurt back.  I count it as an honor to have had Kathy as a friend.  She will always be missed.

09/22/12 08:49 AM #5    

Keith German (Halsell)

This is a tribute to Kathy, written by her husband, Dale Felps:

I am the fortunate boy who met Kathy at A&M in 1965.  Kathy was one of the most beautiful sights on campus, strolling from class to her job in the science lab in her very starched and bright white dress.  She stood "tall" at five feet and no inches and without a waist line.  Luckily for me, my best friend who was dating Kathy had his "old regular" coming to the spring dance and he wanted me to take Kathy 'off his hands.'  How lucky can a guy get?  Kathy and I had three wonderful children and 31 good years together.  Kathy always thought of others first and took care of them before herself.  What a wonderful mother, wife and friend.


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